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Telegraph Hill: 260 Green Street Takes Another Whack, Drops $5.4M

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Was: $12,900,000
Now: $7,495,000
You Save $5,405,000

Report from cliffside- already severely price-chopped- that swell shingled house at 260 Green Street has taken another serious cut. With its long, gated drive and a terrace literally on the edge of Telegraph Hill, the 4-bed, 4.5 bath, 2-car garage has unparalleled views of downtown and the Bay. Inside, it's got a bulls-blood red lacquer living room/library, an octagonal dining room with a second service kitchen, plus what a commenter once called a "girl's dream dressing room" as part of the master suite. Someone's going to love it, and we hope soon. A little redecorating and it will be party-ready. And if you don't like bull's blood, $5.4M buys a lot of paint. Check out the floor plans, and after the jump, a gallery of interior shots.

The previous owner was "Cable Car Lady" Friedel Klussman, who was also a founder of SF Beautiful. We wouldn't be surprised if Mrs. Klussman wasn't the one who managed to snag the dead-end of Calhoun Terrace for her cliffside patio.
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