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Berkeley: Modest Modernist Cottage by Henry Hill

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We do love our Henry Hill here at Curbed SF. The practitioner of a flamboyant brand of modernism, Hill was especially fond of gilt fireplaces. This 2-bed, 1-bath cottage he designed in 1962 just came on the market in Berkeley, asking $450,000, built for Mark Schorer and Ruth Page Schorer, and while it may be very modest, it's still got a very sweet gold-colored fireplace. Not much of a kitchen- it looks like they installed one of those compact kitchen units that usually went into the closet of a studio apartment- sink, stove and cabinets under a single stainless steel top. Mark Schorer was a well-known English professor and literary critic at UC Berkeley (yes, he wrote that Sinclair Lewis bio you read in college) and Ruth, a former dancer, was apparently the life of the party.

And they gave a lot of parties, which probably means the kitchen was perfect for highballs. The house is built right on Tamalpais Road with parking for four cars underneath in a neighborhood chockablock with interesting domestic architecture. Click on the gallery, above, and if you've got any good anecdotes about Ruth and Mark, tell us in the comments. The house is open Sunday, June 5 from 2pm to 4pm. Expect crowds- it's architecture in a nice neighborhood, and they're asking $450,000.
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