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Telegraph Hill Studio Allows You to Sleep (and Other Things) Where You Eat

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For those living a minimalist lifestyle or are looking for a city crash pad for themselves or their offspring, this Telegraph Hill studio for $330,000 looks just about perfect. The studio is laid out in a way that even if you are sleeping in your kitchen, it may not feel like it. Then again, that may be due to your kitchen not having a refrigerator. We can't spot one (although there is some sort of appliance under the counter - one hopes it is at least a "dorm fridge"). HOA dues are $279 and include garage parking, necessary for the neighborhood. We like the bamboo floors, but the floor-to-ceiling windows have us worried on a lower-level unit and the absence of bathroom pics have us wondering if it is 1979-tastic. That said, the mortgage is less than it would be to rent a similar studio in the area, so maybe someone will get a deal here.
439 Greenwich [Redfin]