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Looking Back at Outdoors Week 2011

Last week was the first annual Outdoor Week at Curbed. Things were going fine until the FBI mistakenly seized our servers along with some bad guys' servers. As in carted away to Quantico, or wherever it is they take these things. So all the Curbed sites were down and our archives disappeared for a bit, and we've had some bad links even this week, but we're back to normal. Some outdoorsy highlights of what you may have missed:

The Presidio: We hung out with the archaeologists uncovering an early (early as in 1810 to 1840) Spanish settlement just south of the original late-18th Century fortifications. Along with a WPA-era picnic ground. All part of watershed repair and the daylighting of El Polin Spring; we observed firsthand as muddy Presidio volunteers scraped and shoveled with smiles on their faces.

Get a room: we made a pass at the under-construction Inn at the Presidio, a bed-and-breakfast lodging that's going into Pershing Hall. And interviewed Michael Gutierrez, the program manager for that other overnight opportunity, Camping at The Presidio.

America' Cup: had a first look at the boating opportunities in the bay, brought to us by enterprising yacht brokers from San Diego. Grab a wild ride on an Oracle racing boat or a sedate sail on a 1990's replica of the yacht America, the boat that took the cup from Britain in 1851. Worth a look just for the video.

Floaters: plus we took a look at some dreamy floating houses.
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Inn at the Presidio

42 Moraga Avenue, , CA 94129 Visit Website

The Presidio Trust

34 Graham Street, San Francisco, CA 94129