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Let's Take a Look at Some Swank Penthouses

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Today's looking rather gloomy, so let's brighten your day by providing some eye candy: penthouses for sale that offer thousands of square feet of interior porn. Enjoy.

Where: 540 Delancey Street, South Beach
How big? 2-bed, 4-bath; 4,300-square-feet
How much? It's going to cost you $2,899,000, and monthly HOA dues are $964.55.
The deets: This live/work penthouse is packed full of "dramatic indoor/outdoor space." It's located on the top floor of the historic SouthEnd Warehouse. There are decks galore (at least one off of each bedroom) and the master suite has the ability to be turned into two levels. The expansive, wraparound patio will provide you with a platform for party central. Which, of course, we'll be expecting an invitation to.

Where: 1800 Gough Street, Pacific Heights
How big? 4-bed, 4.5-bath; 5,200-square-feet
How much? You'll need to pay $5,250,000 in cash to call this abode your own, and monthly HOA dues are $1,9000.
The deets: This exquisite Pacific Heights duplex penthouse is in a seven-unit co-op building. So brush your hair and put something besides sweats on; it just got really fancy in here. Described as "tailored, refined, breathtaking," we couldn't agree more. No surface has been left untouched, so it's fair to say this beauty is move-in ready. There's a wood-paneled library/media room and an exercise or au pair room. The "dramatic" upper level has an entertaining room with a private landscaped terrace. We've written about it before, because Curbed is sort of obsessed with this penthouse.

Where: 723 Taylor Street, the Tendernob
How big? 2-bed, 2.5-bath; unlisted square footage
How much? $1,189,000, making it the least expensive of the bunch!
The deets: While the listing very much wants you to believe that this two-story penthouse is located Downtown, it is not. Taylor between Sutter and Bush is very much the Tendernob. Now that we got that out of the way? this is new construction. There's no "old world charm" to be seen. Just mucho contemporary features, like white walls, white oak hardwood flooring, panes of glass separating space, stainless steel appliances and "spa style baths including rain shower systems." Monthly HOA dues are $485.81.

Where: 1 South Park, South Park
How big? 3-bed, 3.5-bath; 2,659-square-feet
How much? $3,300,000
The deets: We've described this penthouse as a "contemporary wonderland" before, and we still feel strongly about that. The two-level penthouse has a deeded, massive roof deck that's one of the largest private rooftop spaces in all of San Francisco. And with this penthouse's close proximity to AT&T Park, we can totally see this being the after game hang out spot (if you're one of the lucky few). Just remember to bring your bathing suit, as there's a hot tub on the roof.