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Outer Sunset: Sustainable Agriculture For Surfers

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We can't blame the realtor for not putting up more pictures. This 1928 Outer Sunset charmer came on the market this week, a house which which the realtor describes as MAJOR FIXER. None of that "ready to add your own touches" for this 2-bed, 1-bath listing asking $399,000. We can see a surf-adjacent vegetable garden with chickens in the huge back yard and a solar array on the roof. You'll never get a mortgage, and it will probably take $300K for a basic but stylish rehab. Within stroller-pushing distance to both the Golden Gate Park's 45th Avenue playground and Outerlands and all the newly-hip OS has to offer. Please, save that shrub out front.
· 1218 44th Avenue [Redfin]
· Outerlands [Outerlands]