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Top Dog (Spot) Nominee #3: Huntington Park

As part of Curbed Outdoors Week 2011, we're looking to settle the question once and for all of the city's best dog spot. Nominate your favorite for eternal glory by writing us a short description of what makes it so great and why your dog loves it. Nominations to, please.

From the mailbox:

I'd like to nominate Huntington Park as my favorite spot to take my pooch. I know that it's not a dog park, but lots of Nob Hill residents take their doggies there to socialize. The central area where the Flood Fountain is is where us doggy parents relax and chat with our neighbors while our dogs greet each other. I know there's a sign that says "keep dogs on leashes at all times," but it's a small enough park that I can always see where mine is and none of the manicured lawns and flowerbeds are ever messed with. It's a very well maintained park and it's always clean. The craziest thing I've ever seen there was when a curious Labrador Retriever jumped into the fountain to investigate something. She was quickly called out, and then we all went back to business as usual I guess I like it the best because it seems so mellow. There's never any crazy dogs running around and being aggressive towards the others. Everyone and their dog is relaxed. You can walk your dog around the park if you want some lawn time. The views are beautiful, and so are the surrounding buildings. It's such a pleasure to call it my local spot for my dog. Whenever we have guests from out of town we take them to Huntington Park because I think it's a true San Francisco experience. The tourists love it and often stop and ask to take photos of the dogs, which is really cute. Think your dog spot is better? Your nominations to, please.