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Redevelopment Agency: Coming and Going or Going and Coming?

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Geary Boulevard looking east from Laguna Street, c.1961
Photo Credit: SF Redevelopment Agency via Found SF

Via the Examiner: the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency's Director Fred Blackwell delivered a bleak assessment of the agency's future projects. One of the threatened projects is the Schlage Lock Factory neighborhood plan- which has been going on so long we thought it was finished and moved into. More current are the Transbay Terminal project, whose funding relies somewhat on agency funds, the Mid-Market Plan, and one of our favorites, the replacement of that SOMA eyesore, the Hugo Hotel. All this because Governor Brown wants to eliminate the redevelopment agencies statewide as wasteful crony-ridden bureaucracies. When Brown's threats began late last year, the city turned around and POOF!, Treasure Island became an Infrasructure Financing District, so why can't we issue bonds to pay for little Hugo? Seriously, just one bond would probably do it.
· End to San Francisco Redevelopment May Be Near [SF Examiner]

Hugo Hotel

200-214 Sixth Street, San Francisco, CA