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Top Dog (Spot) Nominee #2: Pine Lake Park (Stern Grove)

As part of Curbed Outdoors Week 2011, we're looking to settle the question once and for all of the city's best dog spot. Nominate your favorite for eternal glory by writing us a short description of what makes it so great and why your dog loves it. Nominations to, please.

[photo (minus the snazzy frame) Dog Goes]

From the mailbox:

Stern Grove is SF's best dog spot for many reasons! It's a nice valley
adjacent to the Stern Grove concertgoers know and love, but it's
separate, with its own parking lot, etc. Since it's a valley, it's
harder for less reliable pets to get away from you -- while most dogs
can beat people on a flat surface, most of us can catch up to them
once they start to climb a hill. There's a large off-leash section that's typically filled with a cast
of regulars, all of whom are keeping an eye out for each other from
the grass or on benches, and a nice quiet on-leash walk around a pond
and picnic area, so you get a little of everything.

There's a moderately sized parking lot that's typically used only by
those going to the park, so it's not as crazy-intense at Crissy's
lots, for example. So that's a plus, too.

Think your dog spot is better? Your nominations to, please.