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Introducing Curbed's First-Ever Outdoors Week

Today's the day, folks. The sun is shining, the coffee's brewing, and we're wearing a fleece jacket: it's time for the first annual Curbed Outdoors Week. All week we'll be coming at you with posts on San Francisco's great outdoors. We'll be exploring the city's parks, the Bay, roof decks, outdoor activities and more. To do this, of course, we need your help.

Firstly, we'd like to know where the best place in San Francisco to take your dog is. Nominate your favorite spot for eternal glory by writing us a short description of what makes it so great and why your dog loves it. Send all photos and dog-friendly spot endorsements to, or leave a comment after the jump.

Next up: we want to know where the best outdoor make-out spot is. A bench perched at the top of Dolores Park at Sunset? After a killer show at Stern Grove? The Base of Sutro Tower? You tell us, dear readers! Same scene as above, please. Nominate your favorite outdoor make-out spot by sending a short description of what makes it special to, or leave a comment after the jump.

And finally: We want you to share your story about San Francisco's great outdoors with us. Have a stellar view? Show us! Epic rooftop pool? Let's see it! Again, all photos to And away we go!