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Pacifica: Oceanfront Skateboard Dreams

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When was the last time you were in Pacifica, that sort of awful/sort of awesome coastal town just south of here? Aside from surfers, the oceanfront Taco Bell and a great bowling alley, it also has miles of beach and protected coastal meadow to hike in. The rest? Not so great, a ramshackle suburban sprawl with a lot of traffic, constrained by preserved open space and the Pacific Coast Highway. And some unexpected surprises, like this 3-bed, 2-bath house asking $1,570,000 and perched on a bluff on Pedro Point, a neighborhood on a bit of rocky peninsula jutting out into the ocean. Which isn't really the surprise- it has its own halfpipe. Plus a driveway you could probably hang glide from.

The house itself, rebuilt from a c.1954 surf shack in 2006 by its artist-owner, is predictably quirky, with details beautifully crafted from cement, rescued lumber, recycled materials plus luxury finishes like Venetian plaster. There's a garage and a studio/gallery set up on the ground floor with everything else is upstairs. But it's all very subtle, and the overall sense is a loft-like space with some unexpected folds and angles.

And then there's the view. There's actually three views. From the back deck, a view over the neighbors to Pacifica and the heavily wooded back of the property with old cypresses. The view north up the coast to Point Reyes is marred only by two neighboring McMansions- apparently there's no enforceable ratio of buildable square feet to lot size in Pacifica. And the incredible, ever-shifting view straight out, of sky, sea and a few rocks at the bottom of the bluff. The house benefits from not actually being on the road- it's tucked behind the neighbor and accessed via an easement. One is prevented from driving off the cliff by a set of tasteful bollards. Even if your skateboarding days are over, it's still jaw-dropping. The house been on-and-off the market since April, 2010, and the last asking price available was $1,790,000. The owners paid $235,000 in 1992, and even with the extensive renovation, the current price something of a leap. According to the realtor, the house will be open again next Sunday, June 25. Totally worth a visit- check out the realtor's dedicated site or click on the gallery.
· 110 Kent Road, Pacifica [Redfin]
· 110 Kent Road, Pacifica [Herbert Schmulewicz/McGuire]