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Apartments for Outdoorsy Types

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Love city life but yearning for the great outdoors? Today we bring you four apartments where you can scratch that outdoor itch just by walking outside. Start taking your Zytec now, because your allergies are going to be off the hook with overstimulation.

First we have a studio near Duboce Park for $1,325. For that low low price you get not only an awesome park right outside your door but also a quaint little shared garden! Sadly, no pets allowed even though you're right by one of the best dog parks in the city, but you can always go and hang out to make new canine friends. Best part: you don't have to clean up after dogs that aren't yours. Kisses are free though.

Next we have a swankety swank one bedroom in the Presidio Landmark for $2,500. You'll be hard pressed to leave the Presidio when you have things like your own personal bike workroom and a shared fire pit in the courtyard. Living in the Presidio has its own challenges, of course, like having your own bus system so you miss out when people complain about Muni, but maybe if you take advantage of the personal chef you won't worry about it too much.

In the two bedroom department, we have this flat in Cole Valley across the street from Golden Gate Park for $2,250. This edge of the park features street food fun with Off the Grid on Thursdays and a farmer's market on Wednesdays. When the BBQ bacon cupcake taco whatever aroma starts wafting through your windows, you're sure to venture into the great outdoors.

In the "you have too much money" category, we have a 3-bed, 3-bath apartment in Pacific Heights for $12,000. Yes, for a mere $144,000 per year, you can live on Alta Plaza Park in a furnished two-floor flat. There's a balcony facing the park as well as a shared yard in back. Backyard party ideas: burning hundred dollar bills when the temperature dips below 50, diamond-lifting competition.