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Just In: Larry Ellison Says No, He's Not Buying Palazzo Rosekrans

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Word from the camp of Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison, delivered to us just moments ago, has it that Ellison is not buying the house next door to his San Francisco home. That's in contradiction to a Curbed SF report from earlier this week—though Ellison's statement perhaps leaves more questions answered than unanswered. The statement in full:

"All of the newspaper stories reporting that I am buying the house next-door to my San Francisco home for $40 million are untrue," said Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. "No one has ever offered to sell me the house next-door for $40 million or any other price. If someone does offer to sell me the house next-door for $40 million or an amount anywhere near $40 million I will not buy it.".... referring to the very grand home of the late Dodie Rosekrans next door. Hmmmm. Curious! Further updates as events warrant.
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