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Pacific Heights: Beige Tsunami Threatens All In Its Path

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The oyster, beige and taupe in this listing at 2100 Green Street is hurting our eyes. With 2-beds, 2-baths and 1-car parking, #406 is asking $2,350,000, the bright-neutral co-operative apartment came on the market last week after what was clearly an intense and complete renovation- taking down walls, dropping ceilings and installing dozens of halogen downlights. Which we hope will accept LED lamps. New open kitchen, also great open views, and the master bath looks totally swell. But would a red throw pillow have hurt so much?

An apartment on the same floor, #404, came on the market in May, 2010 for $1,699,000 and is currently asking $1,395,000 for roughly the same space but a very late-'80s vibe- it also went "pending" twice during its year on the market and has been re-staged down from it's previous intensely deco-disco decor. Meanwhile, a completely unrenovated and somewhat depressing original-condition apartment one floor up, #502, closed at the end of May for $1,300,000 after eight months on the market and having gone pending three times. Tough board, maybe? Although they don't seem to mind full-on gut renovations like the one that took place in #406. Like most co-ops, new tenants require board approval, but we think this one actually permits financing, unlike others that require cash in return for that proprietary lease.
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