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SoMa: More Care, More Housing in a Tough Part of Town

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Westbrook Plaza [Photo Credit: Mercy Housing California]

It opened last week almost unnoticed- the new Westbrook Plaza complex on Seventh Street between Folsom and Howard Streets, a joint venture between the South of Market Health Center and Mercy Housing California. The ground floor holds a new main clinic for SMHC with medical, dental and special needs care, and above, MHC's rental housing for forty-nine low income families. The clinic's a critical step in the care of the neighborhood's low-income residents, which includes some of San Francisco's most at-risk and chronically homeless persons, and under pressure as SOMA, Mid-Market and the 'Loin continue to gentrify with the Twitter Tax Break.

[Photo Credit: Kelley Consulting]

A block away, Mercy Housing is working its way through the Planning Commission with plans for the famous/infamous Hugo Hotel, a proposal to demolish and replace it with 56 units of affordable rental housing.The Hugo's fate is currently before the Architectural Review Committee of the Historic Preservation Commission; staff review discounts the the importance of the "temporary" art installation but says demolition of the 1909 building is only partially mitigated as a contributing structure to the Sixth Street Lodging House Historic District. The property is currently owned by the SF Redevelopment Agency, which dislodged it from the Patel family real estate portfolio by eminent domain sometime earlier in this century.
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Hugo Hotel

200-214 Sixth Street, San Francisco, CA