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Kicked Out

We've only linked to but not covered the ongoing saga between Bella the swan and her feathered relatives at the lagoon near San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts. But the latest drama makes us sad so we want to share it with you. Lets catch you up to speed. Bella fractured her webbed foot more than a month ago. During that time, she spent her rehab at her birth home in Point Reyes. When Bella was away, Blanche, her sister-in-law, gave birth to Martha. The new parents are very protective and Recreation and Park Department officials worried that they wouldn't accept Bella back into the clan. Shoot forward to present day and it's a reality: Blue Boy and Blanche want Martha's aunt outta there. Bella's going to be relocated to a home in Petaluma to give her family some space, and hopefully the move will only be temporary. We'll keep you posted on further updates. [CBS SF]