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Comment of the Day

"I've been to SMHC a few times as a patient. From what I observed, the patient base is mostly seniors and folks from what remains of South of Market's Filipino community – there's some Filipino staff as well. I can't speak on the broader mid-market situation or other clinics but I don't think SMHC is what the 2 commenters above think it is. It is focused on primary care, not hardcore addiction treatment. I didn't encounter anyone who was clearly an addict or criminal in some way, just a lot of elderly folks likely living on fixed incomes. It's tempting to paint "low-income" with a broad brush but we shouldn't forget that we have a lot of low-income seniors living here in SF. Congrats to SMHC on the new space!" - guest [SoMa: More Care, More Housing in a Tough Part of Town]