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House Featuring Roof Designed to Make You Crave Toblerone

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1012 Shrader is a wonderful home in Ashbury Heights that features three bedrooms and three and a-- look at that roof. Scratch that. Try to NOT look at that roof. Whoever buys this place won't even need to give their guests an address. "You'll know which house it is on Shrader Street. It's the one with the steeped roof." Well actually, you'll have to be a little more specific, because this particular stretch of Shrader features a "row of distinctive steep-roofed homes." It's true, check out the Google Street Stalker. Anyway, if you can get past the awesome roof and get into the house you'll be very pleased. Fireplaces, wood-paneled home library, master suite that's seriously swoonable, and hey! There's a legal lower unit with a separate entrance. Gotta pay that mortgage! Asking price? $1,590,000. Do invite us to the roofwarming party.
· 1012 Shrader [Redfin]