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Sellers, Beware! Don't Make These Mistakes

[Please Say Hey to the Saddest, Sorriest Listing Photo on Earth via Curbed National]

San Francisco realtor Brendon DeSimone recently wrote a post for Zillow Blog listing the "five things sellers do that make their real estate agents cross their fingers, and hope for the best." Let's take a look.

1. Sellers who think their property is unique and therefore worth more money. While it's a common problem, we can assure you that sometimes the unthinkable actually happens and the home not only sells (and quickly), but gets over asking. Situations like this make real estate agents weep, at least until the commission check arrives.

2. The seller doesn’t clean up the home. Goodness, readers! And why do you think we have a That's Rather Hideous category? Make sure the toilet bowl's clean and that the bed is made.

3. Sellers who stick around during an open house. While we agree completely, sticking around could potentially work if you're a super babe who works in sales. Otherwise, get out. We understand that you don't want to feel like an uninvited guest in your own home, but you're trying to make it not your own home. So grab a good book and head out until the open house or showing is over.

4. Sellers who hold out for extra money at the last minute. Look, the entire selling and buying process is so painful, that squabbling over a few thousand dollars is the last thing anyone involved needs. Be reasonable. Understand what's going on. And most importantly, work with people who you trust so you don't make mistakes like this.

5. Sellers who don’t clean up before turning over the keys. We'd bring up karma, but that's too easy. The bottom line is that someone has paid you hundreds of thousands of dollars to take over your home. Show them some respect and clean up the place before you move out.
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