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Lucky Strike Lanes Still Working on Moving Into South Beach

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When we last wrote about Lucky Strike Lanes, we told you that residents at the Beacon in South Beach were concerned about the high-end bowling chain moving into the commercial space on its ground level, which is currently a shuttered Borders. They were concerned about noise, smokers, privacy, safety and apparently its poor Yelp reviews for other locations.

LiveSOMA attended the South Beach Rincon Mission Bay Neighborhood Association Meeting this week, and Lucky Strike CEO Steven Foster was on the scene to make a half hour presentation and talk about the changes they've made to the layout and operations.

He and his team have spent the last couple of months reaching out to Beacon residents and has made adjustments to the layout and hours and other details that the residents were concerned about. Now that he's satisfied the needs of the majority of concerned Beacon residents, his biggest obstacle appears to be obtaining the appropriate and necessary permits.

Highlights from the meeting:

- They expect to create "about 100 jobs" in the neighborhood, with an emphasis on hiring locally.

- The outdoor patio has been reduced by approximately 50% (to approximately 35 - 48 seats), and will only be opened along King Street.

- NO SMOKING on the on patio at any time.

- There will be cameras in and around the parking garage, and the bill will be footed by Lucky Strike Lanes.

- There will be a locked fence barrier installed in the parking garage to segregate resident parking from patron parking.

- Lucky Strike Senior Executives, including CEO Steven Foster, will meet with the residential homeowners at 3 months and 6 months after opening.

There's more details, but you'll have to read them over at LiveSOMA.
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Lucky Strike Lanes

200 King Street, San Francisco, CA 94107