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It Gets Cooler: Google Sets Up $280M Solar Fund, Cooler Planet's Time-Lapse Map

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Check out Cooler Planet's interactive solar installation map here

How green is your roof? According to the LA Times, you may be running out of excuses- this week Google announced plans to funnel $280M into a fund to help San Mateo's Solar City finance residential solar array installations. Solar City has developed lease and power buy-back arrangements to take the initial upfront burden of installation and gear off homeowners, and will share the profits with Google. Google employees get discounts, of course. Meanwhile, solar installations have surged around the Bay Area- check out the interactive map from Cooler Planet that gives a decade-long history of installations in California with four different metrics in the drop down menu. Also from the article:

"Last week, Google put in 70 electric vehicle charging stations at the campus, with plans to install an additional 250. The installation is the largest vehicle-charging setup for a workplace in the country..." Now that should give Tesla a boost.
· Google creates $280-million solar power fund [LA Times]
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