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Rincon Hill: Cars and Pedestrians Clash, Pedestrians Lose

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Attempting to cross at Harrison & Main Streets.
[Photo Credit: Bryan Goebel/Streetsblog]

Our mean streets: the excellent Streetsblog SF covers the most dangerous intersection on the pedestrian-unfriendly stretch of Harrison Street from the Embarcadero to Second Street- a wide street dedicated to Bay Bridge traffic in what has become an increasingly populated neighborhood. Since 2003 there have been three pedestrian deaths at the intersection, uncounted injuries and any number of low-speed fender benders. Of course, Streetsblog takes the opportunity to kick exemptions to parking requirements in new buildings, but we seriously doubt the drivers involved in this particular hot traffic mess live in One Rincon Hill or the Infinity complex.

It's more likely to be drivers on the way back to Moraga and Lafayette through a route that replaces the old Embarcadero Freeway access to the Bay Bridge. Various streetscape improvements have taken place on north-south streets like Beale but crossing Harrison remains an activity for the quick and the brave, and planned east-west improvements apparently won't take place until more developer fees are paid.

Meanwhile, properties south of Harrison will remain less desirable, no matter how attractive otherwise. Just try leaving One Rincon Hill on foot sometime. Totally worth reading, with pictures of imperiled little old ladies and women pushing strollers.
· Dangerous Rincon Hill Intersection Finally Getting the City's Attention [Streetsblog SF]