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Buffett Auction Raises $2,626,411 For Glide

Warren Buffett, who calls San Francisco's Glide Foundation "?maybe the most effective organization I've seen for people down on their luck," has raised $2,626,411 for the foundation. The world's 3rd wealthiest person and legendary investor holds a yearly auction where the lucky winner gets to bring up to seven friends to a lunch with Buffett at New York City's Smith & Wollensky steakhouse. "We are thrilled and astonished by Mr. Buffett and the winning bidder for their generosity and philanthropy, which allows Glide to continue to help those of society's margins transform their lives," Glide Founder the Rev. Cecil Williams said in a statement. Alan Stillman, the founder of Smith & Wollensky, had pledged to donate an additional $10,000 to Glide. [SF Appeal/Curbed SF]