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NoPa Condo Features Guest that Won't Leave?

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And it's an ornate spiral staircase.  They're fun to look at, but right there in the living room?  Seems like a lingering house guest.  Moving on? this 3-bed, 1.5-bath condo is located on Fell Street, on a strip that's directly across the street from the Panhandle and just six blocks from Golden Gate Park.  Asking price is $895,000, which is just a smidge (and by "smidge" we mean "tens of thousands of dollars") over its last reported sale of $810,000 back in May of 2006.  There's a double parlor living with pretty fantastic parquet floors and a renovated kitchen with custom cabinetry and spacious walk-out deck.? The spiral staircase takes you up to a huge and finished attic with skylights. Monthly HOA dues are $295, and leased parking for 1-car will cost you $245 a month.
· 1562 Fell [Redfin]

1562 Fell Street, San Francisco, CA