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Noe Valley: Splashers Pay Over Asking For Po-Mo Pool House

The Post-Modern house in Noe Valley by owned by furniture maker Norman Petersen attracted as many comments as a tweeting congressman when it came on the market at the end of April. And gadzooks, it closed escrow on June 8 for $151,000 over the asking price of $1,799,000. Bidding war? The '80s must be back, or someone fell in love with that pool/swimming hole/baptismal font. Or more likely, also bought all the Petersen-designed furniture. So if the new owners are keeping the Post-Modernist period interiors intact, kudos. You're braver persons than we are. Or maybe just more aquatic. Click on the gallery above to refresh your memory. The house does have a lovely garden, and as a real estate agent once told us, there's a house for everyone. Pool chemicals or Pinot Noir to the housewarming?
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