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Recycler's Eviction Delayed

The California Bottle Bill requires large supermarkets to provide on-site or nearby reimbursement of recyclable bottles. HANC’s recycling center fulfills the requirement for nearby Safeway, Andronicos, Whole Foods and other grocers. Dunn said he is still deciding whether to install redemption machines at a nearby site or manage machines at the various stores. HANC Bottle Czar Ed Dunn got a one month reprieve while he decides how to relocate his recycling center and plant nursery from a coveted spot in Golden Gate Park to a less-coveted one somewhere else. Rec & Parks has been trying to dislodge him for years and transform the space into community gardens. At least he's negotiating- he once said he'd have to be arrested and removed bodily from the premises- and his operation's been there for at least thirty-six years. [SF Examiner and previously at Curbed SF]