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Metreon Remodel Facts: What You Need To Know

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Yesterday's post on Metreon's makeover breaking ground produced quite a few negative comments about the current state of the exterior and interior of the building. We think it'd be a good idea if you could see the renderings that Westfield produced of what the finished product will look like (shown above). Additionally, here's what you need to know about Metreon and the remodel: it opened in 1999, was purchased in 2006 by Westfield and Forest City, and in 2010 Westfield acquired ownership from Forest City. Now Westfield is investing $30 million in its revitalization. "Westfield has always believed that the property could be re-imagined to be better integrated into the neighborhood. The enhancements will celebrate beautiful Yerba Buena Gardens, improve the visitor experience, and complement nearby cultural and entertainment activities," said Anthony Ritch, regional senior vice president of Westfield. Ritch said the new Metreon is nearly 100 percent leased, with a few more tenants to be announced in the months ahead. Street level and Dining Terrace offerings announced include: La Boulange Bakery; Best of Burger; Massage Envy; So Green Yogurt; Chipotle; San Francisco Soup; Mixt Green’s; Brandy Ho’s; Sorabol Korean BBQ; Firewood Grill; Jillian’s (existing); Buckhorn Grill (existing); Sanraku (existing tenant). Additional retailers include: National University/San Francisco Campus; and, Chronicle Books (existing).

The second floor is where the 85,000 square foot CityTarget store will go. A two-story glass entrance on Mission Street will take visitors directly into the new CityTarget. The third floor AMC Theatres and IMAX will undergo a remodel, and they're stay open for business during that time. And the fourth floor will be an event space.

The project is on track to completion in late 2012.
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