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Looking To Move, But Don't Have Any Stuff? We Might Have a Solution!

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Perhaps you were just dumped. Or maybe you're about to graduate and want your own place. But furniture! It can get expensive. And you need it! We found an intriguing listing for an apartment on Capp in the Mission today. From the post: "I'm a furniture designer moving to NY and hoping to find someone that would like to move into my apartment who is interested in buying all (or most of) the furniture." Although technically a studio, the unit is large at 650 square feet. Monthly rent is $1,350. The listing lists all of the furniture that comes with the place, and says he'll "take $2,000 for everything." Not too bad of a deal, yeah? Usually we're skeptical of furnished apartments, but this one seems legit.
· $1350 / 1br - Fully Furnished with Custom Furniture UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY (mission district) [Craigslist]