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Work Begins On the Metreon Today; Presidio History Lessons

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[Photo via San Francisco Redevelopment Agency]

YERBA BUENA—The Metreon's makeover breaks ground today. The project includes a new 85,000 square foot CityTarget store, a new "Dining Terrace" overlooking Yerba Buena Gardens, dozens of new retailers and eateries, and major improvements to the AMC Theatres and Westfield's City View event space. "This is a perfect example of smart redevelopment that works," said Mayor Lee. "At a time when growing our economy is a top priority, the Metreon project will create hundreds of new jobs, generate millions in tax revenues, and will be the home of the City's first Target Store. I am proud to kickoff the start of this significant project." [Curbed Inbox]

PRESIDIO—The Presidio Trust is launching a new lecture series this month featuring some of the nation's pre-eminent historians. Contemporary Historians at the Presidio: Voices and Views debuts Wednesday, May 11th at 7pm at the Golden Gate Club. Admission is free. The annual series will explore issues specific to the Presidio, as well as themes in American and world history which put the Presidio's past into a larger context. "Because the Presidio's history is particularly connected to national and international history it is the perfect platform for this type of programming," Dr. Randolph Delehanty, the Presidio Trust' historian said. [Curbed Inbox]