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Delancey Street Loft Still Asking Over $1M

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Was: $1,195,000
Then: $1,149,000
Now: $1,095,000
You Save: $100,000

Yesterday we asked you to guess the price of this 2-bed, 2-bath loft in South Beach. Kudos to commenter Sparky, who guessed the new price of $1,095,000 right on the button. We agree most with commenter Ninong who says, "This hot mess is going to be cut to under $950,000 in another three months." It's got to be hard for a buyer to swallow a million-dollar-plus price tag when they know they will have to de-catify the place. Which reminds us, why no takers on the game of count the cats? We felt like it was our own grown-up version of Highlights magazine and nobody took us up on it. Feel free to redeem yourselves and your counting skills in the comments.
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