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Swanky Exterior But Carpeted Interior for Condo at Crown Towers

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We have a new addition to the Under 500K Club: unit #203 at 666 Post Street, aka Crown Towers. It's a 1-bed, 1-bath unit on the second floor and it's asking $425,000. First, a disclosure: we've been sort of obsessed with the facade of this building for a very long time, so we might be a little biased in our impression of the unit. That said, let's get the "ugh" out of the way. There's a lot of carpet. There is carpet in every room except the kitchen and hopefully the bathroom (not pictured). And it's new carpet, so you're going to feel extra bad when you're ripping it out and replacing it with something else. There's no laundry in the unit. The kitchen's got an odd layout, but we don't think it's gone too far off the deep end. You might want to upgrade the counters and the backsplash, and even the cabinetry if you want to throw some cash around. Monthly HOA dues are $385 and parking isn't included. Please argue amongst yourselves (in the comments) about whether or not 666 Post is located in the Tenderloin, Tendernob, Downtown or Union Square. We're filling it under Tendernob.
· 666 Post, #203 [Redfin]

Post Street Towers

666 Post Street, San Francisco, CA