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Sorbet West Portal Home Leaves the Millionaire's Club

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Was: $1,189,000
Then: $1,099,000
Now: $995,000 153 Granville first appeared on the market on March 31 of this year with an asking price of $1,189,000. Shoot forward 61 days and it's still languishing on the market without a single offer. What to do? Leave the Millionaire's Club, so now it's asking $995,000. The home was built in 1924 and its main level (there's three) still has some of its original charm: wood paneling, formal and stately rooms, etc. The kitchen's been recently remodeled and is decked out with muted neutral tones and nice brushed steel appliances. What'll it take for this puppy to sell, readers? Do let us know in the comments.
· 153 Granville [Redfin]