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Country Living in a Converted Loft

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Today we're playing PriceChopper Spotter. Similar to that of PriceSpotter, but instead of guessing the price of a property, you guess the amount that it was recently reduced to.

Was: $1,195,000
Then: $1,149,000
Now: $?

This crazy loft turned log cabin has been on the market for quite some time and taken quite a few chops. Today, we play a few games. First, as a warm up, can you identify all the cats (either in the fur or depictions of such) in listing for this condo? There are quite a few, and all of them irritate our considerable spring and animal allergies. Now, for the main event: Guess the new price of this 2-bed, 2-bath condo! Do you think she has dropped below the million dollar mark to entice a buyer? What do you think it will take to take this South Beach loft-cabin off the market? Leave your answers in the comments below. Best guess gets undying love from the Curbed community.