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Dig We Must: Mudslinging, This Time Over Low-Income Housing

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Just a Reminder: The Central Subway Route

Opponents of the almost-legendary Central Subway are making new charges of cronyism plus some of the old quid pro quo at the Chinatown Community Development Center, which is getting an $8,000,000 grant to help subsidize new low-income housing. In addition to funds to relocate families whose homes lie in the path of construction, the new funding will help underwrite planned housing at Sansome & Broadway, and opponents of the subway claim the grant is payback for the CCDC's long-standing support of the project. Which makes perfect sense- don't you reward your allies? Sounds like a lesson plan for Civics 101. In case you've forgotten, 2019 is the target date for actual use by passengers. With a route from Caltrains/Fourth Street to Washington & Stockton, the subway's part a plan to connect Bayview (via the T-Third) to the Financial District and Chinatown, and maybe someday to Fisherman's Wharf.
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