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Welcome, ROSE

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The Planning Department just launched its massive- and long-awaited- open spaces and parks document, the Recreation & Open Space Element. It's a big one. ROSE weighs in forty-seven pages of .pdf, and we recommend printing it out regardless of how much one dislikes using paper instead pixels, worthy of a leisurely read over a long weekend. Some of the points are basic, but two proposals jumped off the pages. One is improving the relationship between Golden Gate Park and the neighborhoods along its length, now effectively shut out by traffic, dense shrubbery and walls. The second is the creation of a cross-town hiker's trail from The Presidio to Candlestick Park. Precise route to be determined, but it would connect existing open areas and could involve daylighting long-covered stream beds. It's that wide brown swath in the map, which will enlarge in another window if you click on it. [SF Planning]
[Update, 8:15PM: Our enthusiasm got the better of us. The link is to a revised but 2009-vintage draft. We're still excited, and the new ROSE will debut June 8. -PF]