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Telegraph Hill: "A Fixer of Epic Proportions" Gets Quietly Shopped

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Images via The Front Steps Via our friends at The Front Steps: 30-32 Prescott Court is for sale. It's just not on the MLS. The circa-1907 three-unit structure was condemned as uninhabitable in 2004 but apparently was occupied until recently- there must be a rent control joke in there somewhere- and is currently vacant. Someone paid $615,000 for it in 2009, and it's being offered at $850,000, a price which includes approved plans for a two-unit, four story replacement. As per the Building Department, a permit was granted in January 2011 (caps theirs):

RENOVATE (E) 2 UNIT, 3 STORY RESIDENCE. ADD 4TH FLOOR & ADD A HORIZONTAL ADDITION AR REAR. PROVIDE FULL SEISMIC UPGRADE & FIRE SPRINKLER THROUGHOUT Cost: $500,000.00Looks like one of the living/dining/kitchen is on the top floor, so an extra 50K for an elevator might be worth it. Where's Prescott Court? Should you be previously unaware of Prescott Court, it's a few hundred feet of narrow lane off Vallejo Street just before the Vallejo Steps head uphill, a quiet, pastel backwater of Telegraph Hill (the Telegraph Flats?) that somehow escaped urban renewal and the Painted Lady mania. A few yards to the east and it would be "North Waterfront". The neighborhood still has auto repair shops and warehouses- the house is adjacent to John Yehall Chin Elementary School and the view east is over a low-rise parking garage- any of which could be a plus or a minus. Sadly, no floor plans, but check out the renderporn above.
· A Fixer of Epic Proportions [The Front Steps]