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Get Your Sort Of Art Deco On in Miraloma Park

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Alright, so the exterior of this home is a vanilla version of Art Deco. But would you look at that bathroom! Never remodel it, please. San Francisco has enough Corian countertops and brushed steel plumbing fixtures. This 3-bed, 2-bath, 1,250 square foot home in Miraloma Park landed on the market over the weekend. Asking price? $965,000. Highlights: it's got one spacious living room; the dining room has a wall of almost floor-to-ceiling windows; there's a central patio and the backyard's so whimsical that we'd like to throw a tea party in it. Lowlights include questionable flooring in the kitchen and a very odd master bedroom (the walls and ceiling are finished the same, there's an awkward fireplace). There's 2-car parking in the garage.
· 435 Teresita [Redfin]