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Talkin' Tourism

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1,100 travel tour operators from 70 countries are about to be wined and dined by the San Francisco Travel Association, which is a local business group that promotes tourism. That's right, SF is hosting The International Pow Wow conference (Ed. note: we can't make this stuff up) for the first time since 1992. "The return of this conference is not only significant for this week, but for the next three to five years, they're going to be selling San Francisco for us," said Joe D'Alessandro, President and CEO of the association. "I think it's huge for our economy, and we're talking in the hundreds of millions of dollars?not only people staying at the hotels but visiting all of the difference hospitality venues, the restaurants, the events, and then enjoying of course the great weather that we have as well," Mayor Ed Lee said. [SF Examiner/photo via derek 4fifteen]