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$2,482 Per Square Foot For Opulent St. Regis Pad

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Occasionally we forget that we live in a city where it's totally commonplace to ask $6,800,000 for a two bedroom apartment. Then a unit at the St. Regis Residences hits the market and we're reminded all over again that asking for that type of cash is totally acceptable around these (well, those) parts. Such is the case with unit 38E. It's a 2-bed, 2.5-bath, 2,740 square foot gem that just landed on the market with an asking price of $6,800,000, or $2,482 a square foot. Additionally, you'll have to shell out $2,400 a month for HOA dues and pay a monthly fee of $225 for two-car parking in the garage. Having a condo at the St. Regis grants you access to all its 5-star amenities, but you have to pay for those too. The unit itself is the epitome of swank and luxury. It was "transformed" by Alamosa Design and Whitehouse Builders. Walls were replaced by sliding wood panels and "rare finishes sourced globally" include white oak with parchment inserts. Do invite us to the condo warming party.
· 188 Minna, Unit 38E [Redfin]