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Swimming Pools: Your Summer Fantasy Starts Here

Since we're experiencing some seriously dreary weather, we thought we'd offer you, the readers, a taste of summer fun. Here's a roundup of some residences with pool access. Some private, some indoor, some shared, all awesome and with a San Francisco address.

Let's go from most expensive to least expensive:

A sliver of Billionaire's Row hit the market in July of 2009. Asking price? $39,500,000. Later it took a $5,600,000 price chop, so now it's asking a totally reasonable $33,900,000. Anyway, the pool. Excuse us, the spa and pool. They're outdoors in the lush garden, which probably makes you think they're only useable a couple times a year. But you're wrong! Because they're heated.

This pink palace is right at the edge of The Presidio. Her asking price is $4,250,000. Highlights? There's an "original speakeasy" on the premises, click here for pics. Oh, and the indoor pool with mural. Curbed SF's Philip Ferrato brought up a good point: if it's a lap pool and not a hot tub for twelve, then why does it have a bottle of bub on a silver plater waiting for the lucky swimmer?

466 Hill in Eureka Valley is a party pad. The backyard is no exception. The pool is on a deck that offers up plenty of seating. Perfect for casually posing in your brand new YSL bikini. Do invite us over for a couple cocktails once the weather gets better.

We think that 685 Carolina is a great two-level condo if you want to feel like you're not living in San Francisco. It's a complex. There are palm trees. And a seriously curvy outdoor swimming pool. No word yet on if it's heated. $849,000 and you could call this 3-bed, 2-bath unit home.