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Serious Fixer-Upper Perfect for Pastel and Cat Lovers Alike

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This 3-bed, 2.5 bath Mediterranean is certainly not for the faint of heart: it's 1,976 square feet in need of TLC. Not just fresh paint needed but likely a serious rehab. However, we'll be quite displeased if you touch any of that pastel tile in the bathrooms. Something about this aging beauty made us think... "you would really need to have cats to live here." The neighbors on this well-heeled street in Monterey Heights must shake their fists every time they drive by, so if you're actually into rehabbing and not just peeling paint and feral cat colonies, you're likely get a warm welcome and a "neighbor of the year" button for bringing her back to a non-depression-inducing state. It's a lot of house priced for $599,000, but not exactly move-in ready. What do you think, dear readers? What's the upside potential on this shamed abode? Let us know in the comments.
· 42 Fernwood [Redfin]