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Treasure Island: Bird-Watchers Unite to Stop Treasure Island Plan

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Planner Nostalgia Alert! Vintage 2008 view of Treasure Island [Click to enlarge) [Photo Credit: SOM via Scientific American]

Not that anyone should be surprised: led by San Francisco Democratic Party Chairman and NIMBY-Gunslinger-for-Hire Aaron Peskin, there was an appeal filed this week over the EIR for the Treasure island redevelopment project, joined by Golden Gate Audubon, The Sierra Club and Arc Ecology. The EIR had been approved by the Supes' Land Use and Economic Development Committee and was expected to move forward. We're not sure what Golden Gate Audubon is doing in there unless they're worried about off-leash dogs having been left out of the EIR. The Sierra Club, OK, they generally hate everything on principle. Arc Ecology has been a one-man/one-project pony since 1983, specifically the Hunter's Point Navy Yard. But the appeal confirms a growing trend of disparate NIMBY groups coming together to back each others projects and scratch each other's backs. It's the usual suspects- a reduction in affordable housing, inadequate assessment of seismic issues, too much traffic on the Bay Bridge. Would some bird-watchers please come forward in the comments with a reason why their organization is spending donor's money on this? Otherwise we can't help but think that distantly-compromised views from Russian and Telegraph Hills are still the real reason.
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