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Two Top Tier (and Expensive) Properties Battle it Out For Your Love and Admiration

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Two top tier homes just hit the market. Both have Victorian facades, both are asking almost $5,000,000. But which is best? They're both outstanding examples of a specific design style. One stays true to its Victorian roots, the other started anew and went for sleek and sexy contemporary. Click through to see the full galleries. Dear readers, please cast your vote after the jump, and leave a comment if you do so desire!
Basic stats: 2719 Pacific is a 6-bed, 5.5-bath single-family home in Pacific Heights. It's asking $4,995,000.

Pros: Built in 1899, this is an excellent example of San Francisco Victorian architecture. The interiors are decked out with ornate carved fireplaces, decorative moulding, and a very beautiful and calming color palette. It's $195,000 more than the other, but it has more bang for its buck with six bedrooms and five and a half baths. We think the interiors are timeless. And hey, it's just around the corner from Alta Plaza Park! Cons: We worry about the cleaning bill. Can you imagine how many hours someone would have to spend just dusting the many crevices? We're not quite sure how big the backyard is (there aren't any photos), but Google Maps shows us that it's pretty tiny.

Basic stats: 844 Bay is a 3-bed, 3.5-bath single-family home in Russian Hill. It's asking $4,800,000.

Pros: It's a contemporary wonderland in there, and has pretty epic bay views. It seems more private and airy than the Pacific Heights manse. There's also a detached yoga studio in the lush backyard. Speaking of backyards, this property's definitely trumps the other. Oh, there's a 1,300-bottle climate controlled wine room. Cons: The bottom line is you're pay about the same for less. Less bedrooms and less bathrooms. While we're huge fans of the contemporary look, we realize it's not for everybody.

Poll results

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