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Bikes on BART

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BART doesn't allow bikes on trains and in most stations during commute hours, yet it's rarely enforced, the SF Examiner reports. If you're a commuter during the hours of 7:05 to 8:50a.m. and 4:25 to 6:45p.m., then you've seen the bazillions of bikes that are packed into trains that are already too full to begin with. During the entire 2010 fiscal year, BART enforcement officers only issued 15 violations to passengers who brought their bike aboard during the commute times when the rides are banned. "I've gotten yelled at a couple of times by the station agents," South San Francisco resident Winford Chew said. "But I've never been fined or anything. I know that bikes are banned, but BART is the most convenient way for me to travel, and until I get in trouble, I'm going to keep bringing my bike onboard." [SF Examiner/photo via AgentAkit]