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Loft Comes Complete with Mortgage-Paying Roommate

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A new member of our Under 500k Club, this 2-bed, 2.5 bath loft in SoMa is listed for a scant $479,000. But it gets better (or worse, depending on how accustomed you are to living with complete strangers): one of the bedrooms is actually rented to someone, for $1,600 per month. The handy mortgage calculator on Redfin tells us that this is only about $400 shy of paying your entire mortgage! Of course, HOA are $389 and you'd have to pay taxes, but still! We are personally past our random-roommate-who-refuses-to-move-out-when-you-sell-the-condo stage, but maybe the right buyer is out there somewhere. And that right buyer will get some in-unit laundry, a parking space, and what looks to be an impressive selection of periodicals in one of the bathrooms. What do you think, dear readers? How would you approach a tenant living in your newly-purchased property? Would you be a benevolent landlord or would you try to shoo him or her away with smelly cooking, an S&M dungeon, or an affinity for bro-mance films?
· 370 7th Street #4 [Redfin]
· Under 500K Club [Curbed SF]