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Disabled-parking placards! People are abusing the system, and it's raising concerns. To receive a disabled-parking placard from the DMV, residents have to obtain a written note from a physician, surgeon, chiropractor, midwife or nurse practitioner explaining their disability. Placards are also given to medical works and caregivers who drive disabled residents. "There is placard abuse in San Francisco," disability activist Bob Planthold said. "And when that happens, it means the people with real disabilities have to walk further, cross more streets and drive around longer looking for spots." According to a 2007 controller's report, misuse of the passes costs San Francisco $15M annually. "I see people springing back to cars that have disabled placards," Madeline Behrens-Brigham, who has scoliosis, said. "I certainly scratch my head and think, 'How the heck did that person qualify for a placard?'" [SF Examiner]