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Prim and Proper Co-op Seeks Well-Heeled Buyer

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Want a sliver of one of San Francisco's early stock cooperatives? 2164 Hyde was built by Patterson Ross on Russian Hill in 1915. Apartment #202, which is a 2-bed, 2-bath, 1,800 square foot unit, is on the market asking $1,695,000. Got enough change in your pockets to make an offer? Not so fast. You have to be a certain type of pedigree to score this address. The type that the board approves of. So no flip flops and shaggy hairstyles, please. Poodles are encouraged, as is mentioning something like "we're moving out of Billionaire's Row. We just can't handle the Ellison acacia and redwoods drama anymore!" The unit has big windows, big views and a monthly HOA dues of $1,000. Would you like to see some floorplan porn? Follow us.

· 2164 Hyde #202 [Redfin]