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Confused Outer Richmond Manse Is Asking $1,300,000

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We're not entirely sure how we feel about this "Grand Older Home" in the Outer Richmond. Part of us sees a young, wealthy couple purchasing it and spending their weekends fixing her up. The other part says "this is a fixer-upper in the Outer Richmond for $1,300,000." Let's talk specs: 3-story, 4-bed, 1.5-bath single-family home in the Outer Richmond. We're tempting to suggest that the bathroom count isn't correct, because the listing says there's a legal one bedroom apartment on the ground level. Besides, we'd like to hope that there's more than one bathroom for what we assume is four bedrooms. Even if it's there are three bedrooms, one bathroom still isn't enough. We don't care if there's a half bath somewhere in the house. What say you, readers? Will this puppy get the cash it wants? Or should we expect a chop?
· 509 45th Avenue [Redfin]