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You Heard It Here First: 850 Bay Sold For Close to Asking

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A tiny little bird who's very close to the sale has confirmed that 850 Bay Street sold today for an amount that was close to the original $6,500,000 asking price. The "we're going to blow your mind" part: the lucky buyer paid cash. What makes 850 Bay unique: it's a party house. There's a bar in every bedroom and the roof deck will provide a perfect setting for watching the America's Cup. The backyard has a separate building that's being used for a yoga studio. Like we originally said, this house is a mullet. A business, Victorian in front, and a beautiful, modern party in the back. Bummed you didn't get in on the sale? 1826-1832A Mason Street are on the market and were developed by the same company, so the design style is quite similar.
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850 Bay Street, San Francisco, CA