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Giant House on a Hill is Full of Chairs

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Take a look at this gigantic 5-bed, 4-bath house over in Ashbury Heights for $2,950,000. At 4,290 square feet, you'd expect it to be spacious, but the current owner have filled it with so much overstuffed furniture it's hard to tell. The good news is that you will never be left wanting for a place to sit when you attend the open house. So things we love: swoon-worthy back patio with a fountain, three fireplaces, including one in the master bedroom, and a killer location that no doubt boasts some awesome views of the ocean and the bridge. We know you will throw a fit over that open shelving in the kitchen; clearly they are just begging for an earthquake to turn all that Wedgewood into a fun mosaic. At $688 per square foot, it's well below the neighborhood average, but that's because it's so darn large.
· 892 Ashbury St. [Redfin]